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Which is the best server monitoring tool for Ubuntu servers?

I want to see exactly what goes on at my server. That's why I would like to install and use the best server monitoring software to find problems on the server. Has anybody good experience in using such monitoring tools?

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Following tools may help

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I have mentioned some tools you may use for monitoring different aspects- 

Htop – an advanced and interactive Linux Process Monitoring tool. This third a party tool and doesn't come pre-installed on any system. It supports shortcut keys, different views like the horizontal and vertical look.

Top – a performance monitoring tool which lets you monitor Linux performance. It shows every active running processes. Even this display comes in ordered list with regular change. The list includes CPU usage and Memory usage of the active process, Swap Memory, Cache Size, Buffer Size, Process PID, User, Commands and much more.

Lsof(List Open Files) - shows all running processes and files in a list.

VmStat(Virtual Memory Statistics) - shows you kernel threads, system processes, I/O blocks, interrupts, CPU activity, virtual memory and even more. It does not come pre-installed on Linux. You have to install sysstat which comes with VmStat.

Monit – an open source process monitoring utility on the web which manages and supervises system programs, files, system processes directories, permissions, checksums, and filesystems. System statistics are accessible both from a Web interface and command line. It may also be used to oversee services like FTP, ProFTP, MySQL.

NetHogs – lets you oversee Per Process Network Bandwidth. Like Top, it tracks each process activity.

iftop – another terminal-based Network Bandwidth Monitoring utility. What Top does for CPU, Iftop does the same for bandwidth.

Suricata – an open source network security and penetration detection supervising tool for Linux. It is a utility with good performance. It is also available for Windows Platform.

Arpwatch – lets you oversee change in MAC and IP address for Ethernet data transfer. It supervises changes incessantly and can notify administrators when it detects changes. 

Hope these may be helpful.

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I do not believe ti

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Do you really think these monitoring tools are the best on the web?

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Some more Linux monitoring tools

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Actually, there are many tools to monitor servers, especially for Linux systems. And you know being open source many people around the world has prepared hundreds of them according to their need. Every tool works differently. So, It is hard to mention the best tools. I can mention some of the server monitoring tools. Then you can decide yourself which is best suited for you. 
NetHogs groups the process of separating the network traffic protocol per subnet. Thus it lets you monitor the process which is causing the surge.
Justniffer lets you collect low/high-level data and also allows to generate logs. Even you can customize the logs.
MTR accumulates the capability of traceroute and the ping into a signal diagnostic tool.
TCP dump will provide a description of the contents of the packet according to your command.
Nmap lets you scan the server and find out the open ports. You can use this for SQL injection vulnerabilities.
vnStat allows you to monitor traffic. It uses the data provided by the Kernel.
Netstat shows TCP network connections and it comes with the system as it is a built in tool. It can help you to find out the problems of the network. You can also use ss command instead of netstat, it provides more information faster.
Bmon monitors network statistics and lets you debug the network. It provides the information in a more user-friendly way. 
iptraf accumulates a wide range of matrices like TCP connection byte counts, UDP traffic breakdown, station byte counts etc.
MRTG collects information about router traffic as well as other network related information and produce an HTML page. It can even send a warning email.
ngrep lets you specify a hexadecimal expression.
ethtool shows the network interface controller and lets you modify some parameters. You can use it to diagnose Ethernet devices.
Atop is used to monitor processes. It works like top and htop. You can use it for long term analysis as it provides daily log information. And it provides resource consumption for all processes.
mytop gives you a real time processing information of MySQL database. 
ftptop provides you basic information of all active current FTP connections to your server. 
Apachetop lets you monitor the performance, a number of requests, reads of Apache server. It based on mytop.
iotop checks the I/O usage information. 

Powertop lets you monitor and manage power consumption.