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What is a bad backlink?

Can anybody specify in detail what is considered as a bad backlink?  Which links are not liked by search engines like Google? Especially new updates like Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird made it more difficult to do good SEO work. But it also has the chance to eliminate the senseless Linkspam on the internet nobody needs. So does anybody know which links should be avoided to be placed?

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This is what bad backlinks look like

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Bad backlinks direct from unrelated and untrusted sources,  hidden links or those which don't follow the seo guidelines. Sites violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines can create a bad impression on your SEO. Google launched Penguin algorithm to penalize sites which are not following Google Webmaster Guideline.

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Check the following things

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If the backlinks pass the following points, then be positive that the link is a bad one -

  1. The backlink is irrelevant to your site. For example, if your site on flowers is mentioned in a spicy food recipe site then it is a bad backlink.
  2. Are the Domain Score and Page Rank bellow 50 or above 50? If it is bellow 50, then be certain that it is a bad backlink.
  3. Are the links appearing on a comment of an irrelevant post?
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Domain Score, Pagerank?

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I do not know where you have your information from. Google stopped to publish the PageRank in 2016. I try to follow your logic. I know some SEO tools offer a metric which is similar to the PageRank. For example, the MOZ tools have a DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). These metrics collect data on Domain Trust and Backlink structure. Your information is completely wrong. A new Domain always has a DA and PA of zero. This does not mean that these domains are bad. These are only new. If you recommend a new site then this is not bad and it's also no bad link. Your information there is completely wrong. I am sorry. Here is my idea of bad links:


  • Links from spam websites
  • Links from website with violent content
  • Links from websites with pornographic content
  • Links from websites which publish content against the law
  • Links from websites which are of low-quality f.e. wrong information
  • Links from websites which contain fraud content
  • Links from websites which have a completely different topic
  • Links from websites which only collect and show content automatically

In general, I think that bad backlinks can be detected by normal logic. If you see a website which offers no real content but something that nobody really needs and you see your link to be posted there, then this is not perfect. You should try to delete the link there somehow.


Also, think of your own content. It's nearly same important that you do not link to untrusted, bad websites. This also has a bad impact on your visibility of your domain in the index of Google. This makes sense, If you refer only to very good websites with very good information then also your website has a good user experience. 


After all, you should be careful about setting links and also watch links set somewhere else on the internet to your website. Both directions have an impact of your ranking results.