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Video starts automatically at Drupal 7 Video Filter

I use the Video Filter for a Drupal 7 forum. If I post a video then the video starts to play immediately when the post is visited first.  There is a checkmark in VideoFilter to show the video automatically but I did not check the checkmark there. There is something wrong. Does anybody know how to fix this issue?

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Changing the video line or editing the script will solve this Drupal video autoplay problem

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Try to manually manipulate the video filter line that appears when you add a video to autoplay:0. This will result stopping autoplay when the box is unchecked.

If it appears problematic to add autoplay:0 to every video line then you can edit the plugin.js to the following. It may solve the problem.

if (params.autoplay) {
str += ' autoplay:' + params.autoplay;
str += ' autoplay:' + '0';


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For me it worked like this

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