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Until when Drupal 7 will be maintained?

I would like to know until which date Drupal 7 will by supported and maintained. Can anybody give me some Infos about this?

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Relax till October 2017

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The answer to your question, the exact date is completely unknown. But we can predict a probable date. Drupal 7 will get continuous security support along with bug fixes though no new features as it is an LTS. Which means Drupal 7 is a Long Term Support. Drupal 7 will continue to get security features and bug fixes until Drupal 8 is announced to be LTS. When is it going to be happening? We have no idea. Even after that, Drupal will provide security support but not bug fixes anymore. This will be continued until the next Drupal 9 LTS is ready to be announced. This makes you relax for Drupal 7 to bug-fixes until October 2017 while official security support until 2019 or 2020.