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Spam protection modules for Drupal 7

I run a Drupal 7 forum website with a lot of posts from users. The problem is that I am facing big problems with spam at my website. Many users only signup to post links. This does not help anybody. That's why I am searching for good Drupal7 modules which help me to prevent from forum spam at my website. Does anybody know good modules to prevent from forum spam?

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Try these

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Prior to discussion on the module to protect your site from spam, you can increase sites security indirectly ensuring these measures - 

  • Make it mandatory to post a minimum number of posts within a week.
  • Encourage existing users to monitor every post Flag module. Which may attract admin to take action if necessary.
  • Admin will delete the posts with certain number spam flagged by existing user. If proved as a spammer, block the email id so that this very email cannot be used to register again.

The above-mentioned restrictions will be proved to me worthy. Now let's chat about the modules. I would name and give short descriptions modules you can use for spam filtering purposes-

Honeypot - adds a form to Drupal which is invisible to human users. But Spam bots use their pre-existing data to add information to sites. This form is visible to the bots and they add data in it. Thus the module detects spam bots and prevents them from posting.

Anonymous publishing - gives you more authority over posts which requires no registration, like comments. This module uses Anonymous publishing CL to verify email before posting without registration. Mostly it helps Anonymous users to get activated with authentication. 

http:BL - mostly prevents bots from surfing on your site. It prevents requests from blacklisted IP. It uses honeypot module's collected data stored centrally in DNS server.  Even it requires free membership of Project Honeypot. 

Akismet - is an amazing self-evolving tool to prevent spam. It collects real-time data from millions of sites around the globe.  AntiSpam depends on it for its service. it takes data from Akismet. Antispam may gain more functionality TypePad AntiSpam and Defensio

Mollom - works on machine learning and centralized CAPTCHA to prevent spam materials. Which makes it an intelligent service.

Hope one of the above-mentioned methods will solve your problem.

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Harden account registration

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The measures suggested on the previous answer will certainly increase site's security. I just want to mention one more measures of this kind. Only administrators may have access to register user accounts or may require adminstrator's approval for account registrations . Drupal 7 may be configured from Account settings > Registration and cancellation.