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Picture comression module for Drupal 7

I want to increase the pagespeed of my blog which was realized with Drupal 7. Does anybody know good modules which can compress the pictures on the fly when pictures will be uploaded?

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ImageAPI Optimize can do it

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ImageAPI Optimize lets you optimize the image when it is being uploaded. It improves the loading time.  You cannot use this tool to optimize already uploaded images.

The module Max Image Size will let you resize uploaded images and keep it as required dimensions. But it doesn’t keep a copy of the original image.

Image Resize Filter lets you resize local and remote images automatically and unlike Max Image Size it keeps the original image and creates a link to it.

ImageMagick can be used as image toolkit for Images in Drupal. You can also use Imagick module which takes the help of Imagick PHP extension.

You can use GD Image Toolkit to optimize uploaded images. You may find it at-

You want to optimize image when you upload it. Then the first mentioned module will do for you.