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Keywordplaner of google does not show exact numbers anymore

The keywordplaner of google does not show exact numbers of search volume for specific keywords anymore. Only if I run a google ad campaign I can see the correct numbers. Thats why its not really cost free anymore. that's why I am searching for another keywordplaner tool. I am also interessted in Keyword suggestions so that I can see which topics have good search relevace. does anybody know a good tool offering such functionality? It would be best if I could use it free without paying for it.

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Only free alternatives are listed

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Keywords Everywhere - a free Chrome Extension and Firefox addon which serves keyword search along with CPC data. And you'll get the information from tools including Google Search Results, MOZ’s Open Site Explorer, Google Analytics, UberSuggest and many more. Even this all come without the necessity of having an account. - is a list builder. This functionality had made it unique as it comes only in some paid tool. You will find it unprecedentedly helpful to build targeted term and topic lists in shortest time. You don't require any account to use this service.


Keyword Discovery - will price your free service with limitation. You'll have 10 results for one query and only 50 query in one month. And ask these will yours when you create an account and verify it using your phone.

SEOBook Keyword Tool - will show you closely related combinations on query along with daily data, grasps and tends on Google when you are on to create an account here.

SERPWoo Keyword Finder - will be your favorite. It's built by data analyst which has made it unique.

Ubersuggest - a free keyword tool that depends on different suggest services. But it mainly relies on Google search.


Bing Webmaster Toolbox - a limited number keyword suggestion from Bing search which gives you twisted Jerry's and graph of recent trends.


I've listed some free free alternative above. Tried to mention where your are required to have an account and what's your area not. How this may be helpful.