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Is it possible to setup a administrator with restricted rights?

I would like to grant access to my Drupal 7 website for a SEO expert. But I do not want to grant access completely. The SEO expert should be only able to use few modules and functions. Is this possible?

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Use hook_perm to define permission for modules

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Use function hook_perm lets you define permission which can be selected from the user permission page. It can restrict or provide accessibility to the module's actions. Let me walk you through the steps-

First, you have to define the accessibility of modules using hook_perm. Using module name to provide the permission may avoid conflicts between modules.

access arguments' => array('permission name').

Then you have to use hook_menu which lets you define the way URL requests should be used. Add permission name using the above code.

user_access('permission name')

You can have to use user_access to monitor current users having access to the module you want. It is used as default menu system. Using the above code to monitor. Now access admin/user/permissions to define what permission you want them to have or not.