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Is it possible to migrate Drupal 7 website into Drupal 8?

I run a Drupal 7 website with many modules installed. Now I would like to know if its possible to migrate this Drupal 7 website into a fresh install of Drupal 8. How difficult is it to rebuild an existing Drupal 7 website with many installed modules with Drupal 8? Does anybody have any experience with this?

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Use these modules

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The following modules can help you for Drupal migration from lower to higher version. Firstly prepare a local Drupal 8 site. Then use the module to migrate data. I will try to give short description along with the names of the modules.
Migrate Plus - lets you add some extra functionality with some plugins. It will let you migrate either in UI or through Command Line Tools. It supports databases like MS SQL or Oracle and data sources like XML, CSV, JSON.
Migrate Upgrade - lets you migrate your Drupal 7 to 8 with the support of Drush a module to take backup on the command line.
Migrate - lets you transfer contents from other sources to Drupal. Drupal-to-Drupal data migration based on Migration API will let you use migrate tool to use for data migration from Drupal older to a newer version.