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Is it possible to clone and rename chrome browser?

I heard that the Google chrome browser is open source. I would like to create my own browser. Can I use the open source code of chrome to do it? Or does anybody know another good open source browser to clone and rename?

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No you cannot clone Chrome

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Google Chrome isn't a open source product. But Chromium is. Chromium is a project founded and run mostly by Google devs and volunteer. Chromium doesn't track you like Chrome does. Google takes the sources from chromium and add some extra features which ends in Chrome. So, you cannot take the source of Google Chrome to manipulate and create your own browser. But you certainly can use Chromium's.

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Thank you for the answer

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So I am able to download the chomium browser to change the design and rename it so that I can offer my own browser? This sounds fantastic but I gues that there are only very few talents out there which are able to get the coding done for it.