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Is it better to place videos dirctly or from external service like youtube?

which site will rank better. A website which posts videos which are streamed directly from server or a website which shows videos from external source embedded? What is more search engine friendly?

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Never self host your video

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Why will you even think of hosting the video on your server? Let me show you some reasons why you should not do so.

  • Videos are not like images or articles of weighing few kilobytes. Think of what will happen to your site's bandwidth when several visitors will try to access it?
  • The second problem is also directly concerned with the first one. With limited bandwidth when several visitors hit to watch a video file, it may take the time to download it to their personal computer and then play it. It will create a negative impression to them about your site.
  • Most of the cases sites have file size limit can be uploaded. Can you make video keeping that in mind?
  • Certainly, you don't have unlimited hosting. It means videos will consuming devastatingly than images or words.
  • If you want to give users the best experience you may have to convert your videos and upload them to provide users according to their devices. Then it comes to the above-mentioned hosting problem again.
  • You may have to install a tiny web video player to play the uploaded videos according to the device requesting it. If you are using WordPress, you don't have to do this as it comes with a default player.
  • If you want your video to be indexed in search engine, you should not do so. As search engines don't show eagerness to show this search results. It may hamper your site's SEO.

Now tell me what do you think of hosting videos yourself or any other sites like YouTube?

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Yes I see this

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But what if I embed a video from youtube. Has this a negative or positive effect on Google ranking?

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Imagine this

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I could imagine that users will visit the website a long time as they watch the videos. This is a positive ranking signal as users seem to like the site as using time is bigger. On the other hand, it could happen that people will not use the site again as they prefer searching directly on these video platforms.   

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Make them non searchable

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I have a solution for that. I have taken different online courses on Coursera and Edx. They use YouTube to provide their video lecture. But the videos are not searchable from YouTube. You can only view the videos if you have the link from their site. You can upload videos to YouTube and then then make them viewable only to people with links you provide. Then integrate the link to your site.

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I did not mean it like this

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That's, not the point. I mean in general, people will search directly at youtube or other video platforms when they see that there are very good tutorials available. This will draw the users away from the own website.