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How to name the picture source correct

Blog users know the problem. They want to show pictures to make their content interesting. But how to find correct pictures and more importantly how to display the correct picture source so that the use of the picture may not cause any legal issue? Does anybody know exactly how and where to display the correct legal information for a picture source?

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This is how you can use pictures

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Images help your reader have a genuine visualization. And they become the proof of the authenticity of the information. It is not possible to provide your own materials all the time. If you are using open source images with GNU license, you don't have to worry. But, if not, you have to cite the sources.  Walk with me, I will try to explain the procedure to do so.

Firstly you have to find whether the image you intend to use have any copyright or not. Here. TinyEye comes for your help. It is web service. Just upload the image or insert the image link you want to use, TinyEye will find both the origin and available higher resolution images for you. So, you will probably know the image owner and the copyright info if any. Then it becomes easy to find the owner in case you didn't get the name. Then ask permission to use it.

If you just want to use pictures with GNU license, you can get that too in two ways. Search pictures from online open source picture library. There are many sites on the web which provide such pictures with GNU license. You will find some of the sites here, another post of this forum. You don't even have to mention the source if you don't want to if you use pictures from these sites. Except for these open source picture libraries, you can also find pictures from free sources like- Flickr. Pictures here are free but not contains GNU license. And these types of sites provide a wide variety of license. So, take actions according to the license requirements. You may have to just five the sources or the owner as well. Let me show you an example.


Image Source

If the license wants me to include both the source and the image owner's name or website, the above should look something like this

Images by Name(with link) via Website(with link)

Hope you got the answer.