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How to learn Drupal coding by online tutorials

Does anybody know good online courses which give good education to Drupal development? I would like to learn Drupal more into detail. I want to be able to program my own Drupal modules. Does anybody know good online courses to learn in-depth details of Drupal?

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These tutorials may help you learn Drupal

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I am giving you some source where you may find tutorials on Drupal. Hope you will find what is best for you.

I didn't follow this course. But I had taken some other tutorials from Lynda. They are quite good. I suggest you give the Lynda online course authored by Tom Geller, teacher and who works as a consultant on Drupal. The course is titled - Advance Drupal. I am quite certain that this course will take you through deep insight about Drupal. a site entirely dedicated to Drupal. You will find hundreds of lessons on basics, scripts, themes and much more. The most interesting thing is, it comes completely free of cost.

Four Weeks of Drupal lets you learn Drupal within four weeks. The course comes in fifteen different chapters. Don't only learn, try to apply what you have learned.

Getting Started with Drupal 7 Tutorials is a good tutorial for beginners. Categorized videos have made searching any specific topic easy.