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How to identify and delete bad backlinks

Can anybody tell me a method how to detect and delete bad backlinks? Some websites do not follow the wish to delete backlinks posted there. What can be done?

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This may help to remove backlinks

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Use one of the following tools to collect information about backlinks on your site-

  • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Bing Webmaster Tool
  • Open Site Explorer

Collect the backlink data in an excel sheet for analysis. Then use Excel SEO Tool to analyze the links. This tool will identify the whether the link is live or dead. Now identify the bad backlinks manually by yourself. To remove bad backlinks you can do the following-

  • Contact the web admin and request to remove the link
  • Find out the bad backlinked page of your site and change the page instead of removing the link
  • Start fresh 
  • If there is a tremendous number of links to be monitored and you are not getting a response from the backlinked site admin, you can request Google that you want these specific links not to be assessed when judging your site. This process is Disavow links.

The last one, Disavow links may hamper your site's visitor number and make Google think that your site is less important.

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Identify bad backlinks keeping these in mind

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When you are searching for bad backlinks,try to find out-

  • Irrelevant links where you have no targeted audience.

  • Activity in SNS(Social Networking Sites)

  • Links with no relevance to the contents

Good and bad backlinks differ on website they are on.  You may have to check the site yourself to find whether the backlinks have any impact or cause bad impression of your website


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You may also find some helpful tool here

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Another post of this forum where some free backlink analyzing tools are mentioned. You can have a look here.