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How to get ranked in YouTube?

I want to produce video tutorials. Does anybody know how to rank well in YouTube? Is there any SEO strategy for YouTube index?

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Follow these to get ranked on YouTube

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Youtube has never described any specific rankings procedure to the public. And that's why we do not have any clear idea about it. Bu number of views, title video, description of the video and ratings are four most important factor behind this.Except these, I would suggest you follow these steps. I am pretty sure these will be helpful to get higher ranking - 

  1. Find a title which tells the video in short
  2. Tag the video with proper keywords
  3. Proper description of the video
  4. Proper video transcription
  5. Try to get large of a larger audience and likes and/or comments from them
  6. Use your other social media to share your contents.
  7. Contact popular YouTuber who may get interested in your video and sharing with their audience.

Hope this helps.