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How to create video tutorials

I am searching for a good cost-free open source video creation software so that I am able to produce video tutorials. I want to place the logo and a screencast in the video tutorials. I tried to do this in the past but my PC was not fast enough and hung up all the time. Now I would like to do it once again. Can anybody assist me there?

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VLC Player can do the screen recording for you

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I like VLC player for its huge customization and extra features. Along with playing videos and audio files from your computer, it can help you record your screen. It comes in all popular OS platforms like - Windows, Mac and Linux.


To record your screen open your VLC media player and select Open capture device from Media menu.  A new window will open. Change capture mode to Desktop there. Don't forget to set the desired frame rate. 10 works great for me. I would recommend using a number between 10 to 30. Higher the frame rate ensures smoother video output. Select convert from the drop-down menu that says Play. Give a name of the video file you are creating and set the format you want your video to save. You can do that by clicking the Video drop down menu to select a video format. I  would recommend the default setting, which is H.264 + AAC (MP4). It will provide you the best quality. Then just click start to record and Stop button on VLC when you want the video to finish.


There is one flaw. you can not record audio using VLC. There is another alternative to that. Most OS comes with a pre-installed recording tool. Use that tool same time to record audio and then integrate them using a video editing software. It may sound little awkward. I suggest using VLC as if installed on your PC you don't require another tool to do your job. I mentioned VLC and pre-installed sound recording tool.


Here is another post from this forum which discussed Free Open Source Software (FOSS) for video editing. It may help you find the editing tool you need.

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Some FOSS Cros-Platform Screen Recording Tools

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Somehow I like the VlC Media player too. And its screen recording works great. But I would like to recommend these Free Open Source Software (FOSS) tools for screen recording. Unlike VLC all of them come along with audio recording capability. You didn't mention the operating system you use. That's why I am keeping Freeseer and OBS Studio on top of the list. Because they are available on all major OS (Windows, Mac, Linux) platform. The later one also comes with OpenGL support. If you don't know what it means, it will let you record even from games and software which render images using OpenGL. This feature has made it unique. There are few open source software with this feature.


Next to them, I would love to mention the names of Camstudio and VirtulDub. Despite being only available on Windows, these softwares have editing feature in it. And this bewildering feature has made it great. Except these two, I would like to mention two other names which are also available only on Windows. They are CaptureFox and ShareX. The previous one is not actually a software. It comes with Firefox web browser as an addon on Windows systems only. But you may require to install some more addons to make it compatible with your device. I think this additional addons requirement is a flaw. But many professionals suggest and prefer this tool.


Time for linux. Simple Screen Recorder, XvidCap, Kazam, Record My Desktop, Vokoscreen are few worth mentioning tools you can use on LInux for screen recording. Among them only the first one has OpenGL support we talked before.


And at last, all of the softwares give different video output like AVI, SWF, GIF, MP4, OGG. Before choosing the software keep this in mind too. Wrong choose may give you an output which can be an extra trouble for you.



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Can you explain how to integrate a logo?

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I would like to integrate a logo in the first section and in the last section of the video. How can I do this with these tools. Also, I would like to cut sequences or give them a background music. Is this possible with your mentioned tools? How can I do this?

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Here is how to integrate audio

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You can certainly do that. The tools I mentioned above are screen recording software. When you are done recording your screen for a tutorial, and you have your logo ready, then it is time to start the editing. You can use any of the video editing tools. Most video editing tool comes with different sections for audio and video files in two dedicated lines for them. You can add different video files one after another. And also different audio files on audio sections. I hope you are trying to integrate logo in video format. If so, just add the segment before the tutorial video. You can manipulate the music by when to start and when to stop. and the sound of the tutorial video will also work simultaneously. When you are done and satisfied with your preview the editing tool is providing, then just save the file. You are ready to go with your tutorial video.

I tried to explain on common bases. You may find a similar approach in different disguise on different video editing tools. If you need more information, I would be here.