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How to build a forum with Joomla cms

I would like to build an internet forum with the Joomla cms system. Can anybody give me some good valuable tips on it? 

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Use Joomla extension Agora

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You can create a forum on Joomla using extensions. Extensions are used to add extra functionality and features on Joomla sites. Agora is a great extension to create a forum. It lets you easy configuration capability and set up permissions. Download Agora and then unzip it. Go to Joomla admin dashboard and then Extension. Choose the path of unzipped Agora and then just click install. If you do it right, you will see, “Install Component Success".  You will see the Control Panel when you go to Components >> Agora Forum.


Installation doesn't make it visible. To make it visible on your site, do the go to Menu>New. Then click "Agora Forum" and enter a title for your menu and save.


Now you will see Agora without any contents in it. Time to add some categories. add some categories according to the type of forum you are trying to make. Go to Components>Agora Forum>Categoris & Forums.


You can also create groups. Hope this helps.