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Google Flights Predict Delays

The integration of artificial intelligence with automated learning has taken a new step in innovation with the new version of the aeronautical search web application,  Google Flights , which reveals the status of flights. According to the information provided by the company, from now on, users will have constantly updated information.

This system update offers two new tools, on the one hand now users will have access to the differences between the economic classes of each airline detailing the conditions and what each passage includes -from luggage to food-, something that can be useful at the moment to buy the ticket.

However, the function that stole attention is a new algorithm enhanced with automated learning (or machine learning) that is able to predict when a flight will be delayed and for how long; and what is more striking, Google is able to inform the user even before the airline detects it.
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This is possible thanks to the collection of big data from the airports and the analysis through artificial intelligence, which when determining with a minimum of 80% accuracy the conditions of the flight, informs the user the status, whether "on time" or "delayed." This information will appear on the search platform when people consult the flight number, the route or the airline.

In addition, Google is able to detect the flights that each person has to his name - through the synchronization with Gmail - and deliver this data on cards of his Google Now platform.

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In any case, the application provides a message of recommendation to the users who approach the respective authorities of the flight inside the airport, since these conditions can vary constantly.


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