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Google Flights - how to book google flights

Google Flights 

Simply google google flights and they will arrive at this site that for now has only the .es for the Spanish language

Google Flights, is a very good tool to search for ticket prices. That same value should then find it in your travel agency or direct with the airline.

If it does not appear ... it's because google is looking at different ticket engines and maybe the agency does not have the same one that is using google with the best price. It may also be that it is not through the airline itself. Something already explained in the crazy offer of Aeromexico ... but if they look for it they will find it.

If you are a frequent traveler, or a person who is about to be, it is likely that you always like the offers (as to all). So in this opportunity, we bring you a digital tool that allows you to find cheap flights for any occasion and where you need to be: we talk about Hitlist.

The process to find flights can be as difficult as it is simple, all this depends on the help we have available. That is why Hitlist has been created, to be a helping hand when searching for offers on national and international air tickets. Continue reading…

How to use Google Flights: practical tips!

A nice detail that can cheapen your trip is to pay attention at the chosen airport, because sometimes choosing another airport nearby the value drops a lot. And Google Flights gives you the option to choose up to 5 airports in a single search.

But stay tuned and account for travel expenses between the airport and the lodging location to see if you can change the main airport for another one.

So this is a very intuitive, practical and great tool to give you the best possible way. And now that you know how to use Google Flights, try and tell us what you think!

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