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Google Flights Booking

A few months ago I mentioned here in Viajares the acquisition by Google of the company ITA Software . Then the news was the green light by the American authorities to buy and perform the operation. Today what I want to discuss are the rumors about how to present integrated flight searches that it seems that Google is about to launch publicly. I have read about different possibilities, all of them interesting.

Application on maps
Users could search Google Maps by applying destination filters and a desired price range on their flights. Kayak has something similar like that.

In Search, with geographic location
Presentation of flight schedules and flight rates depending on the location (IP) of the user. It would be something similar to a user with IP from Madrid who is looking for " vacations on the beach " and will be shown results of fares for flights to the Canary Islands, Malaga or Palma de Mallorca.

Cheap flights and Google

In Search, with more specific searches
" Cheap flights to Palma de Mallorca ". With a request or query of this type the search engine would return a list with prices and links to airlines to make the reservation. Prices and links are the novelty in relation to ITA Software , since Google currently already provides information on departure and arrival times, IATA code for airports, days of the week of the flight, name of the airline and flight number . See the results of current "flights from Barcelona to Mallorca" .

If you look at the options a little, the question is to what extent the flight data with fares modify the panorama of the travel market , especially flights. On one side are the large corporations. They already expressed their rejection of the purchase at first. Now they will watch over the clean game of the search engine. And Google has to guarantee that it will continue investing in the development of new versions and improvements in ITA Software.

Take for example the aforementioned Kayak , a travel comparator that uses the ITA system. The threat that Google can pose is clear. It dominates 70% of the search market (and related advertising) and is the owner of a fundamental part of its technology ... How not to see a real threat? Reduced visits, competition, fair play, ... And who says Kayak also says all kinds of smaller travel agencies .

Search for flights

It is also possible that this implementation of the search for flights on Google with prices and links to airlines negatively affects the sites that take advantage of affiliate networks. The concentration of the market in the search engine will cause a loss of interest of the airlines in these networks, and the webs may be more difficult for them to find a place in the search engine.

In the commercial aviation market, the price factor is decisive. The price is the message . Lowcost companies and traditional airlines know this . If we can have information on destinations and prices with a single click on the search engine, should not this change the way you propose online marketing campaigns? Will messages from millions of cheap flights continue for X euros? or rather, will Google be the one who stays with cheap flights permanently?

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