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Google feud



Welcome to Google Feud - Scratch Edition!
Google Feud is an online game where you play with friends to guess how Google auto-completes the given phrase. Depending how popular the answer is searched, the more popular your answer is, the more points you get:

1 = 10 000 points
2 = 9 000 points
3 = 8 000 points
4 = 7 000 points
5 = 6 000 points
6 = 5 000 points

The answers are all lower-case! (Yes even names!) Don't answer using UPPER-CASE letters!
If you are playing as one big group, try to get as many points as possible!
If you are playing as teams, take turns playing rounds and after each round count the points you get!
Also, turn down the volume. The buzzer noise is really loud
<a href="" rel='dofollow'> google feud</a>.

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