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Good ideas for viral social media marketing

Has anybidy an idea how viral social media marketing could work? Any idea for it?

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Try to maintain the following

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I will try to sort out some points from the making to sharing. It may help-

  • Try to understand the targeted¬†audience. Your target is not to reach everyone, it is to reach the people you want.
  • Integrate a feeling. The information and presentation may reach you to the audience but its emotion which will make your product one of theirs. Because emotion makes people think they are all the same to the core. It is kind of humanifying a service.
  • Social media is all about timing. Here your post may get viral if it hits on a right time. Now I will get back to the very first point. Try to understand your audience. You may reach most of them through SNS(Social Networking Sites) when they are most active there. Even the timing varies on different social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.